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The Group announces today preliminary results of its US pension lump-sum offer. This was a one-time, voluntary, opportunity for about 85,000 retirees and surviving beneficiaries in the US Management Pension Plan and the US Inactive Occupational Pension Plan to convert their existing monthly pension benefit payments into a single lump-sum payment. In all, about 26,000 individuals — about 31% of those eligible for the offer or a take rate slightly better that our expected rate of 30% — elected to convert their existing pension benefit to a lump-sum payment, representing about US Dollar 5.3 billion in total payments.

Payments will occur on November 2, 2015 and will come entirely from the existing plan assets. Payments, when made, will constitute a complete settlement of our pension obligations with respect to the individuals electing this offer. The actual surplus resulting from the offer will be recognized in our Q4 2015 income statement and will depend on the discount rate in effect at the payment date. Applying September 30, 2015 discount rates, the decrease in pension liabilities is expected to outweigh the decrease in pension assets by nearly US Dollar 500 million, with the overall rate of surplus for the US tax-qualified pension plans rising from 107% to 111%.

Alcatel-Lucent Open Enrollment Has Ended.

Medicare enrollment continues to Dec. 7. You can compare heathcare and prescription drug plans at

  • If you find a better Medicare Advantage or Medigap plan, you can replace the Alcatel-Lucent plan until the end of the year.
  • If you find a better Prescription Drug plan, you can ask Alcatel-Lucent to replace their plan and still maintain the UHC PPO plan.

Pre-Medicare comparisons available at

Get Medicare help in your state. Look up Websites; phone numbers

The LRO has a website that provides a more complete description of the plans and how to compare options for your 2016 health care needs. It includes pre-Medicare pointers for retirees eligible for Affordable Care Act (ACA) benefits. Be sure to click through all of the way. On page 1 of the BenefitsTeam website there is a link “Help in Your State”. It is a list of all the State Health Insurance (Information) Programs (SHIP), which are staffed by experts who can help you with your Medicare questions. We will try to help individuals by email at


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History Corner pieces in our recent newsletters (THE LRO CONNECTION) can be accessed at any time by clicking on the HISTORY CORNER tab on the navigation bar.. We plan to continue with additional pieces on WECO, BTL, and TELETYPE and persons of note. If you have historical information, send to Gary Reichow at

Information on the Passing of Retirees

Under the "In Memoriam" tab located at the top of this page, the LRO lists the submitted names of recently deceased individuals and, where possible, provides a linkage to an official obituary. Information required and the form to list an individual are contained on the "In Memoriam" page. We encourage family members and friends to take advantage of this service.

Over 500 Retirees Attend LRO Naperville Meeting

Chicago area Lucent retirees were out in force to attend the meeting with LRO leaders on Tuesday, June 23rd. Slides from the event are below.

llJoe Dombrowsky - Welcome       ll Bob Martina - Legislative

hoth Ron Hoth - Healthcare      duscher Frank Minter - Pensions      minter - Lump Sum

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Nokia offer to ALU Shareholders to offer their shares now for Nokia shares

Nokia is requesting that Alcatel-Lucent shareholders consider exchanging their shares for Nokia shares at this time. Both companies expect that the merger will take place early in 2016 and Alcatel-Lucent shareholders will receive .55 shares of Nokia whenever their shares are offered or when the merger takes place.

Please review the merger article in our Fall Newsletter, which is also posted on this web site. That announcement on April 15, 2015 shows the relative values of the shares of each company at that time. The .55 exchange ratio at that date gave Alcatel-Lucent shareholders a premium estimated at 34% for their shares. That was more than the relative market value of the two companies on the announcement date.

Nokia shares were selling on that date at 7.77 Euros and ALU shares at 3.34 Euros. Multiplying the Nokia price by .55, would result in ALU shareholders receiving 4.27 Euros for their shares. (Todays exchange rate is $1.06 per Euro).

It is likely that some of our members are considering whether to convert their shares now or wait until the offer is completed. The LRO cannot and will not provide advice to our members in making their decision. We can, however, give you some things you should consider as you decide whether to make your decision now or later.

Since the announcement on April 15 the value of ALU shares have increased in value to $ 3.94/share and Nokia’s shares have declined in value to $ 7.25/share (today’s price). Multiplying $ 7.25 by .55 would indicate ALU shares value as $ 3.99 ($.05 cents more than the current price.) That calculation would indicate that the premium has nearly disappeared.

As you consider whether to offer your shares now or to wait, you must consider which direction in share prices may benefit you or harm you. If the share price of each company continues to move in the same direction (either up or down), there will probably be no material impact on you. However, if Nokia share price increases and ALU decreases your position is improved. If ALU share price increases and Nokia decreases you would be adversely affected.

Today, the exchange rate neither causes a gain or loss on the exchange. If you decide to wait you can either gain or lose. That decision is up to you. The LRO has no opinion.



A few months back, we announced we were delaying our fall LRO Connecton Newsletter until the pension buyout was completed and we could provide more information on the take. We now are ready to release the newsletter, and it may be accessed by clicking here.

Included in this issue's Pension Column is a summary of buyout actvivity along with a discussion of likely future scenarios. We also have included information on the pending merger of Nokia and Alcatel-Lucent with some information on management appointees to head the new combined Nokia company.

Our History Corner article features the Columbus Works, and we also have included a light story called The Black Telephone which we hope you will enjoy.

Best wishes to all as we approach the holiday season.


(If you are affiliated with a local Lucent retiree group, let us know we'll post your next event.)

WECO SAGE is a group formed by computer pioneers who worked for Western Electric Company in the 1950s and 1960s installing an Air Defense System for the United States Air Force. The members of this Group have maintained their personal, and in some cases professional, relationships for over 50 years. The Group, whose members once numbered in the hundreds, meet on an annual basis at different locations throughout the country.The 2015 reunion was held in Pacific Grove, California on the Monterey Peninsula on the 13th-15th of September. Contact Ron Trettau.

Club WECO-AT&T-Bell Labs-Lucent Technologies-Teletype-NCR-ALU. This group is intended primarily as a forum to connect (network) and maintain communication between past and/or current members. Holiday/Winter Telecom Reunion at Base Camp (4-Lakes Lodge, Lisle, IL) December 11, 2015 Beginning at 4pm running to about 8pm. Contact Jim Simak.

eX TELETYPE is for ex-Teletype Employees to keep in touch. Teletype Corp. was located in Skokie, IL and Little Rock, AK. The Fall gathering of Teletype and Lucent people  and friends was held on Tuesday, Nov.10, 2015 .... ..Contact John Furno.

lucent5-5 is for Lucent retirees who took the special 5+5 voluntary retirement on July 13, 2001 (or wish they could have!). Its purpose is to keep in touch, to help provide support for working with the Lucent Pension folks, and to talk about Lucent in general. To subscribe, send an email to

PCLUCENTALUM This group was set up to facilitate communication among ex-Lucent employees in Northern California. Send email to


Instability in Marketplaces Draws Concern on Both Sides of Health Law
By Robert Pear & Abby Goodnough; The New York Times ~ Nov 27, 2015

Obamacare troubles a gift to 2016 GOP candidates
By Byron York; Daily Journal ~ Nov 28, 2015

Social Security, Medicare changes are coming with new budget law
By Robert Powell; USA TODAY ~ Nov 28, 2015

Long wait times plague Social Security disability process
By Kelli Kennedy; The Associated Press ~ Nov 28, 2015

Gail MarksJarvis: Insecure about Social Security?
By Gail MarksJarvis; Post-Bulletin ~ Nov 28, 2015

Fate of ObamaCare co-ops uncertain after half collapse
By Brooke Singman; Fox News ~ Nov 27, 2015

Millions of older Americans turn away from Obamacare and AARP for alternatives
By Jack Dennis; Examiner ~ Nov 27, 2015

Is Obamacare Making Millennials Lazier?
By Juliegrace Brufke ; The Daily Caller ~ Nov 26, 2015

Drug-price debate rekindles fight over pill imports from Canada
By Sarah Ferris; The Hill ~ Nov 27, 2015

Why ACA Exchange Premiums Are Rising
From Robert Book; Forbes ~ Nov 26, 2015

Dealing with the uncertainties of retirement investing
By Henry K. Hebeler; MarketWatch ~ Nov 25, 2015

ObamaCare sign-ups hold steady in third week
By Sarah Ferris; The Hill ~ Nov 25, 2015

Obamacare's Rate Hikes Might Not Be As High As Predicted
From Bruce Japsen; Forbes ~ Nov 25, 2015

Chaffetz Panel Wades Into Obamacare Healthcare Co-op Collapses
By Richard Pollock; The Daily Caller ~ Nov 25, 2015

Little headway in attracting more Hispanics to ACA health coverage
By Amy Goldstein; The Washington Post ~ Nov 25, 2015

Why health savings accounts and Medicare don’t mix
By Philip Moeller; PBS Newshour ~ Nov 25, 2015

Make sure your retirement savings last a lifetime
By Walter Updegrave; CNNMoney ~ Nov 25, 2015

The 5 Myths of Building Wealth, and What To Do Instead
From Mark Eghrari; Forbes ~ Nov 25, 2015

Relief From Obamacare: A Campaign Promise Could Be In Sight
From Christine Harbin; Forbes ~ Nov 24, 2015

Rubio budget win is dealing heavy blow to ObamaCare
By Sarah Ferris; The Hill ~ Nov 24, 2015

CMS Sets 2016 Medicare Deductible and Coinsurance Amounts
By Debra McCurdy; JD Supra ~ Nov 24, 2015

Top Obamacare Official Makes Tweaks as Insurer Complaints Grow
By Zachary Tracer; Bloomberg ~ Nov 24, 2015

End Of Medicare Bonus Program Will Cut Pay To Primary Care Doctors
By Michelle Andrews; Kaiser Health News ~ Nov 24, 2015

As exchanges falter, team Obamacare fights for an insurer bailout
By Timothy P. Carney; Washington Examiner ~ Nov 24, 2015

Health co-op failure in NY leaves doctors owed millions
By David B. Caruso; The Associated Press ~ Nov 24, 2015

Labor Department retirement rule may not be in consumers' best interest
From Pinar Çebi Wilber; The Hill ~ Nov 24, 2015

What All Good Retirement Plans Have in Common
By Justin Fox; BloombergView ~ Nov 24, 2015

Pension Health Benefits for Retirees Are in Trouble
By Shawn Radcliffe, Healthline News – Nov 24, 2015

Alcatel-Lucent wins contract with China Telecom
By Juan Pedro Tomás; RCR Wireless News ~ Nov 24, 2015

[Vedicis press release] Smart Data As A service with Alcatel-Lucent Managed Services
Alcatel-Lucent Press Office

[EBlink press release] EBlink and Alcatel-Lucent expand their partnership in managed services with the addition of Smart Coverage and Capacity as a Service (SCCaS) innovation
Alcatel-Lucent Press Office

[Vedicis press release] Smart Data As A service with Alcatel-Lucent Managed Services
Alcatel-Lucent Press Office

CMS Seeks Network Adequacy for ACA Exchange Plans
by Joyce Frieden; MedPage Today ~ Nov 23, 2015

GOP senators press Obama on prescription drug imports
By Sarah Ferris; The Hill ~ Nov 23, 2015

Value-Based Pricing Will Help With High Rx Costs
By Joyce Frieden; MedPage Today ~ Nov 23, 2015

Healthcare Inflation Reaches Six Decade Low--What Caused It? Will It Continue?
By Chris Conover; Forbes ~ Nov 23, 2015

Obamacare's Middle Class Tax Hikes Help Explain Enrollment Challenges
By Ryan Ellis; Forbes ~ Nov 23, 2015

How High Corporate Taxes Lost America The World’s Next Biggest Drug Company
By Guy Bentley; The Daily Caller ~ Nov 23, 2015

Bell Labs Boasts Optical Eureka Moment
By Ray Le Maistre, LightReading – Nov 20, 2015

Bell Labs Proposes Multiplexing Scheme for Petabit Communications
Photonics ~ Nov 23, 2015

[World Economic Forum press release] UN Climate Deal Will Create Jobs and Growth: Global CEOs Pledge Support for Governments
Alcatel-Lucent Press Office

Alcatel-Lucent IP core and edge routers to manage China Telecom’s growing data center demands in Beijing and Guangzhou
Alcatel-Lucent Press Office

Alcatel-Lucent and China Telecom expand 4G LTE across 12 provinces of China
Alcatel-Lucent Press Office

McConnell leans on 2016ers in bid to save ObamaCare repeal
By Alexander Bolton; The Hill ~ Nov 22, 2015

As UnitedHealth's Obamacare Commitment Wanes, Blue Cross Plans Dig In
From Bruce Japsen; Forbes ~ Nov 22, 2015

Experts foresee big premium increases for Medicare drug plan
By Ricardo Alonso-Zaldivar; The Associated Press ~ Nov 22, 2015

The Coming Government Takeover of Drug Pricing
By Scott Gottlieb; The Wall Street Journal ~ Nov 22, 2015

Planning an IRA withdrawal? Know the rules
From Eric Hutchinson, AdviceIQ ; USA TODAY ~ Nov 22, 2015

Administration Is Seeking Ways to Keep Prescription Drugs Affordable
By Robert Pear, New York Times, Nov 20, 2015

Decline of Medicare subsidized drug plans leaves seniors with less choice
By Susan Jaff, KHN; USA TODAY ~ Nov 21, 2015

ObamaCare supporters see wall of resistance cracking in South
By Peter Sullivan; The Hill ~ Nov 21, 2015

Reminder: if you didn’t have health insurance this year, the tax man would like a word with you
By Jazz Shaw; Hot Air ~ Nov 21, 2015

Fixing a broken retirement system
From Eve Kaplan; USA TODAY ~ Nov 21, 2015

Insurers reassure investors about ACA exchange business
By Tom Murphy; The Associated Press ~ Nov 20, 2015

Insurers: Obamacare changes needed soon to protect us from losses
By Jayne O'Donnell; USA TODAY ~ Nov 20, 2015

Hospitals Feel Pain as UnitedHealth Eyes Obamacare Exit Door
By John Lauerman; Bloomberg ~ Nov 20, 2015

ObamaCare's predictable collapse
From Rick Manning; The Hill ~ Nov 20, 2015

Feds take steps to bolster finances of state-run health exchanges
By Sarah Ferris; The Hill ~ Nov 20, 2015

Administration seeks to improve Obamacare doc choice, costs
By Robert King; Washington Examiner ~ Nov 20, 2015

What Happens When Your Obamacare Plan Shuts Down
By Jen Wieczner; Fortune ~ Nov 20, 2015

U.S. Proposes Obamacare Changes to Ease Shopping, Lower Bills
By Zachary Tracer; Bloomberg ~ Nov 20, 2015

Mr. President, we need answers on Obamacare
From Robert Laszewski; CNBC ~ Nov 20, 2015

Nokia CEO says Alcatel buy will increase its 5G firepower
By Eric Auchard; Reuters ~ Nov 20, 2015

Union Says Alcatel Broke Pension Promises
By Nick Rummell; Courthouse News Service ~ Nov 19, 2015

Shopping for Health Insurance Is New Seasonal Stress for Many
By Abby Goodnough; The New York Times ~ Nov 18, 2015

GOP senator: HHS answers on ObamaCare co-ops not enough
By Peter Sullivan; The Hill ~ Nov 19, 2015

Insurance lobby pushing for government bailout for Obamacare losses
By Philip Klein; Washington Examiner ~ Nov 19, 2015

A Downgraded Obamacare Baseline
From Brian Blase; Forbes ~ Nov 19, 2015

Obamacare’s problems get worse
By Jennifer Rubin; The Washington Post ~ Nov 19, 2015

Major insurer may leave ObamaCare
By Sarah Ferris; The Hill ~ Nov 19, 2015

Column: Please Don't Kill All the Pensions
From Justin Fox; BloombergView ~ Nov 19, 2015

Pensions take another hit
By Mark Miller; Reuters ~ Nov 19, 2015

Data Center Interconnects in Desperate Need of SDN – AlcaLu
By Carol Wilson; Light Reading ~ Nov 19, 2015

9 Ways To Make Your Retirement Savings Stretch Further
By Laura Brodbeck; Benzinga ~ Nov 18, 2015

Alcatel-Lucent technology to shatter capacity limits of optical networks as they prepare for massive future data demands
Alcatel-Lucent Press Office

9 Ways To Make Your Retirement Savings Stretch Further
By Laura Brodbeck; Benzinga ~ Nov 18, 2015

New chairman of House health panel vows to take on ObamaCare
By Sarah Ferris ; The Hill ~ Nov 18, 2015

Obamacare Sign-Ups Top 1 Million After Strong Second Week
By Zachary Tracer; Bloomberg ~ Nov 18, 2015

House Oversight to hold hearing on drug prices
By Sarah Ferris; The Hill ~ Nov 18, 2015

Half Empty Or Half Full: Differing Views Of Federal Health Law
From KHN Morning Briefing; Kaiser Health News ~ Nov 18, 2015

Study: To avoid higher health law premiums, switch plans
By Ricardo Alonso-Zaldivar; The Associated Press ~ Nov 18, 2015

Health Care Law Forces Businesses to Consider Growth’s Costs
By Stacy Cowley; The New York Times ~ Nov 18, 2015

Doctors’ Proposed Ban of Drug Ads Goes After Top Magazine Ad Category
By Nathalie Tadena; The Wall Street Journal ~ Nov 18, 2015

House Oversight to hold hearing on drug prices
By Sarah Ferris; The Hill ~ Nov 18, 2015

What Should We Do About Expensive Drugs?
From John C. Goodman; Forbes ~ Nov 18, 2015

Do I Need Life Insurance After I Retire?
From Rob Russell; Forbes ~ Nov 18, 2015

Getting perspective on America’s long-term care financing crisis
By Bruce Chernof, Larry Minnix & Debra Whitman; The Hill ~ Nov 18, 2015

Nokia CEO says Alcatel buy will increase its 5G firepower
By Eric Auchard; Reuters ~ Nov 18, 2015

Nokia Says France Approves Exchange Offer for Alcatel-Lucent Shares
By Tiernan Ray; Barron’s ~ Nov 18, 2015

Alcatel-Lucent to start construction of ACE undersea cable system’s next phase to improve broadband connectivity and digital services in Africa
Alcatel-Lucent Press Office

Proposed combination of Alcatel-Lucent and Nokia moves closer with opening of public exchange offer filed by Nokia
Alcatel-Lucent Press Office

Alcatel-Lucent and Bytes System Integration speed Cape Town’s digital transformation with delivery of advanced IP routing technology
Alcatel-Lucent Press Office

[Ooredoo press release] Ooredoo Group and Alcatel-Lucent sign five-year frame supply agreement for ultra-broadband IP Transport Networks
Alcatel-Lucent Press Office

(Camusat press release) Camusat and Alcatel-Lucent Agree to Expand Global Managed Services Reach
Alcatel-Lucent Press Office

Obama nominee to lead FDA defends drug industry ties
By Toni Clarke; Reuters ~ Nov 17, 2015

Health Care Leaders Call It Quits On The Free Market
From IBD Editorials; Investor’s Business Daily ~ Nov 17, 2015

At WSJ CEO Council, Health Law’s Success Depends on Which Number You Prefer
By Louise Radnofsky; The Wall Street Journal ~ Nov 17, 2015

These Are Obamacare's High Deductibles, Not The Market's
From Michael F. Cannon; Forbes ~ Nov 17, 2015

Health-care costs might be on rise again
By Jeffry Bartash; MarketWatch ~ Nov 17, 2015

Lawmakers press Obama for meeting on ObamaCare tax
By Peter Sullivan; The Hill ~ Nov 17, 2015

Obamacare Enrollees Are Reeling from High Deductibles
By Eric Pianin; The Fiscal Times ~ Nov 167, 2015

Businesses to Congress: Pensions aren't piggy banks
By Peter Schroeder; The Hill ~ Nov 17, 2015

Businesses to Congress: Pensions aren't piggy banks
By Peter Schroeder; The Hill ~ Nov 17, 2015

Alcatel-Lucent Joins the ONOS Project Partnership
From “PR Newswire”; CNN ~ Nov 17, 2015

What Barack Obama And The Democratic Party Can Learn From The Co-Op Failures
From John C. Goodman; Forbes ~ Nov 16, 2015

Some health-care systems want to sell you insurance as well as treat you
By Michelle Andrews; The Washington Post ~ Nov 16, 2015

PPACA repeal bill in danger
By Jack Craver; BenefitsPro ~ Nov 16, 2015

Medicare unveils new pay model for some surgeries
By Peter Sullivan; The Hill ~ Nov 16, 2015

IRS schedules hearing on multiemployer vote
By Hazel Bradford; Pensions & Investments ~ Nov 16, 2015

The Increase In Retirement Costs You May Not Have Heard About
From Steve Parrish; Forbes ~ Nov 16, 2015

New Rule Aims to Encourage Retirement Savings Plans by States
By Yuka Hayashi; The Wall Street Journal ~ Nov 16, 2015

Four Ways To Simplify Your Finances And Save More
From “FidelityVoice”; Forbes ~ Nov 16, 2015

Estate Planning Is for Everyone, Not Just the Rich
By Forrest Baumhover; NerdWallet ~ Nov 16, 2015

Alcatel-Lucent touts new radio interface for lower DAS power consumption, better performance
By Monica Alleven; Fierce Wireless Tech ~ Nov 16, 2015

Exclusive: U.S. drug benefit managers clamp down on specialty pharmacies
By Caroline Humer & Deena Beasley; Reuters ~ Nov 15, 2015

Retirement Account Mistakes--Not For Dummies
By Janet Novack; Forbes ~ Nov 15, 2015

Poll: Americans Want Bold Action to Keep Health Care Costs Down
By Dennis Thompson; HealthDay ~ Nov 14, 2015

It’s official: Barack Obama wants to ‘help’ you manage your retirement savings
By “Sovereign Man” ; ValueWalk ~ Nov 14, 2015

Don't Buy A Fixed Index Annuity Until You Read This
From Jeff Rose; Forbes ~ Nov 14, 2015

What's The Smartest Move: Pay Off Mortgage Or Invest The Money?
From Larry Light; Forbes ~ Nov 14, 2015

3 Smart Ways to Save Money in Retirement
By Jason Hall; The Motley Fool ~ Nov 14, 2015

Obamacare Falls Short on Key Goal: Preventive Medicine
By Nick Tate; Newsmax ~ Nov 13, 2015

Fading Obamacare Gains Put Drag on 16% Hospital Muni-Bond Rally
By Martin Z Braun; Bloomberg ~ Nov 13, 2015

Vermont Regulator Who Killed Obamacare Co-Op Has No Regrets
By Richard Pollock; The Daily Caller ~ Nov 13, 2015

Investors Face Quagmire of Falling Earnings, Higher Rates
By Rodrigo Campos, Reuters; The New York Times ~ Nov 13, 2015

Marcus Weldon bags Nokia CTO job
By Nick Wood; Total Telecom ~ Nov 13, 2015

Retirees Get Relief from Medicare Sticker Shock
By Gail Buckner; Fox Business ~ Nov 12, 2015 sign-ups ahead of last year — but with fewer newcomers
By Amy Goldstein; The Washington Post ~ Nov 12, 2015

Five Questions Our Next President Should Answer About Healthcare
From Robert Pearl, M.D. ; Forbes ~ Nov 12, 2015

Misguided guidelines lead women astray
By Maimah Karmo; The Hill ~ Nov 12, 2015

Why Investors Still Don’t Know Their 401(k) Costs
By Ted Jenkin; The Wall Street Journal ~ Nov 12, 2015

Report: Social Security paying millions to dead people
By Sarah Westwood; Washington Examiner ~ Nov 12, 2015

Changes for Social Security Require Revised Education
By Jill Cornfield; Plansponsor ~ Nov 12, 2015

Three ways to curb holiday spending
By Chris Taylor; Reuters ~ Nov 12, 2015

FierceWireless.Com - November 12, 2015

Doctors group urges DOJ to block insurer mergers
By Peter Sullivan; The Hill ~ Nov 11, 2015

The Silver Bullet To Solving Healthcare's Most Vexing Problem
From Dave Chase; Forbes ~ Nov 11, 2015

Express Scripts sues Horizon, fight over prescriptions grows
By Tom Murphy; The Associated Press ~ Nov 11, 2015

Doctors, Lawyers And Even The Bank Can Help Identify Elder Abuse
By Shefali Luthra; Kaiser Health News ~ Nov 11, 2015

Give Social Security recipients a CEO-style raise
By Elizabeth Warren; CNN ~ Nov 11, 2015

Dems abandon Obama on ‘Cadillac tax’
By Sarah Ferris; The Hill ~ Nov 10, 2015

Most beneficiaries will keep paying $104.90 a month in 2016; new beneficiaries to pay $121.80
By Ricardo Alonso-Zaldivar, AP; US News & World Report ~ Nov 10, 2015

Health Systems Dipping Into The Business Of Selling Insurance
By Michelle Andrews; Kaiser Health News ~ Nov 10, 2015

Column: Why closing Social Security loopholes is good policy
BY Alicia H. Munnell November 10, 2015 at 4:48 PM EST

Ask a CFP: ‘Is Anyone Ever “Done” Saving for Retirement?’
By Matt Shapiro; LearnVest ~ Nov 10, 2015

Largest Obamacare Co-Op Under ‘Official Investigation’ By Regulators
By Richard Pollock; The Daily Caller ~ Nov 09, 2015

Obamacare: A Stepping Stone?
From Simon F. Haeder; HealthInsurance ~ Nov 09, 2015

How To Make The Most Of Your HSA
From Beth Braverman; Forbes ~ Nov 09, 2015

Doctors Prescribe New Apps to Manage Medical Conditions
By Laura Landro; The Wall Street Journal ~ Nov 09, 2015

5 tips to help navigate an often treacherous RMD landscape
By Melody Juge; MarketWatch ~ Nov 09, 2015

What you need to know about the lucrative Social Security strategy that’s going away
By Jonnelle Marte; The Washington Post ~ Nov 09, 2015

North American pensions, foundations, had worst quarter in 4 yrs -Wilshire
By Hilary Russ; Reuters ~ Nov 09, 2015

3 Steps for Better Retirement Saving and Investing Habits
From “BlackRock”; NASDAQ ~ Nov 09, 2015

Congress’ Fee Hike Weakens U.S. Pension System, Say Critics
By Vipal Monga; The Wall Street Journal ~ Nov 09, 201

Alcatel-Lucent goes cloud, cuts HR costs 30% in 2 years
By Phil Wainewright; Diginomica ~ Nov 09, 2015

Obamacare doomsday? 'Collapses' drop half-million Americans
By Greg Corombos; WND ~ Nov 08, 2015

Even Liberals Should Concede: Obamacare Is Not Working
By Pierre Tristam; FlaglerLive ~ Nov 08, 2015

President launches ObamaCare sign-up contest
By Bradford Richardson; The Hill ~ Nov 07, 2015

Social Security changes will hit couples, divorced women hard
By Robert Powell; MarketWatch ~ Nov 07, 2015

Reid, Pelosi pushing for repeal of ObamaCare's 'Cadillac tax'
By Sarah Ferris; The Hill ~ Nov 06, 2015

Some Older Patients Are Treated Not Wisely, but Too Much
By Paula Span; The New York Times ~ Nov 06, 2015

New Research Exposes Big Problem With Long-Term Care Insurance
From Richard Eisenberg; Forbes ~ Nov 06, 2015

Planning For Inheritance: 4 Ways To Handle A Windfall
From Judy Martel; Forbes ~ Nov 06, 2015

Small Businesses Snub Obamacare’s SHOP Exchange
By Phil Galewitz; Kaiser Health News ~ Nov 05, 2015

ObamaCare risk fund nearly depleted, S&P warns
By Sarah Ferris; The Hill ~ Nov 05, 2015

Top Officials With Failed Obamacare Co-Ops Made an Average of $245,000
By Melissa Quinn: The Daily Signal ~ Nov 05, 2015

Obamacare Co-Op Mess Causes $1.3 Billion In Losses
By Richard Pollock; The Daily Caller ~ Nov 04, 2015

House members poised to introduce bill to replace DOL fiduciary rule
By Mark Schoeff Jr.; InvestmentNews ~ Nov 05, 2015

Social Security Disability Insurance: A Fix Put Off For Another Year (Or Seven)
From Eric Peterson; Forbes ~ Nov 05, 2015

Alcatel-Lucent starts deployment of residential small cell devices
Telecom Lead ~ Nov 05, 2015

Nuage Networks and Telefonica Business Solutions complete service chaining proof of concept for large enterprise customers
Alcatel-Lucent Press Office

Alcatel-Lucent’s new small cells - designed and shipping in record time – to bring superior coverage to homes
Alcatel-Lucent Press Office

Collins, McCaskill Open Senate Investigation into Rx Drug Pricing, Announce Intention to Hold Hearings
News Release- November 4, 2015

Kentucky health law repeal: Not so fast
Governor-elect Bevin is already easing back from his promise to abolish Obamacare in the state.

By Rachana Pradhan & Paul Demko; Politico ~ Nov 04, 2015

GOP views Kentucky election as victory over health care law
By Adam Beam & Ricardo Alonso-Zaldivar; The Associated Press ~ Nov 04, 2015

Debate over Medicare, Social Security, other federal benefits divides GOP
By Robert Costa & Ed O'Keefe; The Washington Post ~ Nov 04, 2015

Obama Warns of `Misinformation' During Obamacare Enrollment
By Justin Sink; Bloomberg ~ Nov 04, 2015

Health Co-Ops’ Failures Spur Finger-Pointing
By Stephanie Armour; The Wall Street Journal ~ Nov 04, 2015

The ObamaCare Albatross
From Review & Outlook; The Wall Street Journal ~ Nov 04, 2015

Virtual doctor visits offer convenience, lower costs
By Matthew Perrone; The Associated Press ~ Nov 04, 2015

Opinion: Congress may have blown its last chance to fix the national debt
By Howard Gold; MarketWatch ~ Nov 04, 2015

Opinion: The Right Way To Save Social Security
By Steve Forbes; Forbes ~ Nov 04, 2015

IRS customer service will get even worse this tax filing season, tax chief warns
By Lisa Rein The Washington Post ~ Nov 03, 2015

Navigating the Tax Rules on Charitable Gifts
By David Cay Johnston; The New York Times ~ Nov 04, 2015

Alcatel-Lucent wins 3-year New Caledonia deal
By Peter Dinham; ITWire ~ Nov 04, 2015

[CDP press release] Climate action reaches tipping point as corporate "A Listers" revealed
Alcatel-Lucent Press Office

Alcatel-Lucent transforms OPT New Caledonia's network with advanced optical transport technology
Alcatel-Lucent Press Office

Alcatel-Lucent expands MotiveSmart™ device interoperability to include ARM mbed Devices
Alcatel-Lucent Press Office

Republican Victory In Kentucky Governor's Race A Blow To Obamacare
From Bruce Japsen; Forbes ~ Nov 03, 2015

Republican senator predicts demise of PPACA
By Jack Craver; BenefitsPro ~ Nov 03, 2015

Administration pledges to recoup lost Obamacare insurer money
By Robert King; Washington Examiner ~ Nov 03, 2015

Obamacare adds doctor lookup tool
By Robert King; Washington Examiner ~ Nov 03, 2015

Physicians Decry Broken Promise of Medicare Raise in 2016
By Robert Lowes; Medscape Medical News ~ Nov 03, 2015

Here’s the Reason Why So Many Obamacare Co-Ops Are Failing
By Melissa Quinn; The Daily Signal ~ Nov 03, 2015

Lawmakers sound alarm over failing ObamaCare co-ops
Fox News ~ Nov 03, 2015

Détente Comes to Obamacare
By Russell Berman; The Atlantic ~ Nov 03, 2015

Retirees should resist the urge to speculate on stocks
By Aaron Katsman; MarketWatch ~ Nov 03, 2015

PBGC rate hikes moving DB plans into danger zone
By Hazel Bradford; Pensions & Investments ~ Nov 02, 2015

The Biggest Mistakes People Make With Social Security
By Eleanor Blayney; The Wall Street Journal ~ Nov 03, 2015

Health Insurers Struggle to Profit From ACA Plans
By Anna Wilde Mathews; The Wall Street Journal ~ Nov 01, 2015

Health law's 3rd sign-up season faces challenges from prices
By Carla K. Johnson & Ricardo Alonso-Zaldivar; The Associated Press ~ Nov 02, 2015

Obamacare Premiums To Soar 3 Times Faster Than Feds Claim
By Richard Pollock; The Daily Caller ~ Nov 02, 2015

Obamacare's Enrollment Is Flatlining
From Sally Pipes; Forbes ~ Nov 02, 2015

The GOP’s potent new anti-Obamacare argument, in 2 maps
By Philip Bump; The Washington Post ~ Nov 02, 2015

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Company Shares of Alcatel Lucent (NYSE:ALU) Rally 9.21%
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Prices, politics challenge health law's 3rd sign-up season
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Battle over 'Cadillac tax' heats up
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Government should protect investors by setting a limit on fees

Tips for Lessening the Tax Bite
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Cisco, Juniper to poach Alcatel-Lucent customers in core and edge routing
Telecom Lead ~ Nov 01, 2015

Opinion: On entitlement reform, President Obama kicks the can
By Charles Lane, WP; The News & Observer ~ Oct 31, 2015

Shop for better insurance plan prices, federal health officials urge consumers
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ObamaCare's tough road ahead
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Millions of Americans just lost a key Social Security strategy
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A Look At The Federal Budget And Why We May Be Headed For Trouble
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Nokia Already Boosted by AlcaLu, Says Suri
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Social Security, the Debt Ceiling and Partisan Politics
By Brenton Smith, FedSmith – Oct 27, 2015

Obamacare Premiums Climb, But Insurers Struggle for Profit
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Congress Passes Budget Bill That Cuts Medicare Pay in 2025
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7 Steps to Choose the Best Obamacare Health Insurance Plan for 2016
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Opinion: CPI for elderly is most accurate measure for calculating Social Security COLAs
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What Congress Just Did To Social Security
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Nokia beats quarterly estimates and returns cash
By Michael Christensen; My Tech Bits ~ Oct 30, 2015

Alcatel-Lucent net loss widens, hit by charge
By Jens Hansegard, MarketWatch – Oct 29, 2015

Alcatel-Lucent Reports Q3 2015 Results
Alcatel-Lucent Press Office

Opinion: Its Legality Is No Longer in Dispute. But Can Obamacare Survive?
By Richard A. Epstein, Newsweek – Oct 29, 2015

No Medicare Premium Spike ... For Now
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Column: Still the third rail? Social Security, Medicare mostly unharmed in budget deal
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Budget Deal Underscores Danger Of Relying On Social Security For Retirement Income
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Can Paul Ryan Fix the ‘Broken’ U.S. House of Representatives?
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Senate plans vote on partial ObamaCare repeal next month
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Nearly Half of Obamacare Co-Ops Are Closing
By Eric Pianin; The Fiscal Times ~ Oct 28, 2015

7 Signs Your Aging Parents Need Extra Help
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Reauthorize the Older Americans Act
By former HUD Secy. Henry Cisneros &d former Rep. Vin Weber (R-Minn.) ; The Hill ~ Oct 28, 2015

Drug prices top Americans' list of health care concerns
By Matthew Perrone; The Associated Press ~ Oct 28, 2015

Retirement Advisory Rules Will Likely Survive, Despite House Vote
By Yuka Hayashi; The Wall Street Journal ~ Oct 28, 2015

The Omni-Connected World: Bell Labs Plans For Future Of Connected Everything
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U.S. Budget Deal Dings Corporate Pensions
By Vipal Monga; The Wall Street Journal ~ Oct 28, 2015

Budget Deal Nixes Popular Social Security Claiming Strategies
By Rachel L. Sheedy; Kiplinger ~ Oct 28, 2015

House approves large PBGC premium hikes in budget deal
By Hazel Bradford; Pensions & Investments ~ Oct 28, 2015

GM recalling 1.4M cars; oil leaks can cause engine fires
By Tom Krisher; The Associated Press ~ Oct 27, 2015

Hospital group slams budget deal over cuts
By Peter Sullivan; The Hill ~ Oct 27, 2015

Dementia-related healthcare more expensive than other diseases
By Stephen Feller; United Press International ~ Oct 27, 2015

Marketplace Customers Could See Higher Premiums, No Coverage For Out-Of-Network Care
By Michelle Andrews; Kaiser Health News ~ Oct 27, 2015

HCA says some patients dropping their new insurance coverage
By Susan Kelly; Reuters ~ Oct 27, 2015

Specialized healthcare may be lacking under Obamacare plans
By Andrew M. Seaman; Reuters ~ Oct 27, 2015

Health-Law Workers Face Struggle for Sign-Ups in Latest Enrollment Push
By Louise Radnofsky; The Wall Street Journal ~ Oct 27, 2015

The Budget Deal's Surprise Blow To Pensions
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For Retiring Workers, Social Security Strategies Can Make All the Difference in Retirement Income
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Budget deal divides Hill Republicans
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Examining Plummeting Obamacare Enrollment Projections, Part II
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10 Myths About The Legal Challenges To Obamacare--And Why It Isn't 'Here To Stay'
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Strengthen Medicare plan to pay docs for end-of-life care conversations
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Premiums for Health Insurance Bought on Exchanges to Climb in 2016
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Flat-rate PBGC premium to jump 12% for 2016
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The DB Touch for Defined Contribution
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New health overhaul challenge reaching Supreme Court
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Dealing With Your Mother-In-Law (And Your Parents): When Seniors Become Dependents
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Figure out how much you're paying in investment fees
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House Passes Reconciliation Bill To Dismantle Obamacare
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Obama administration unveils health care premiums for 2016
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Investment Long Term With Less Risk
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What Republicans Should Be Doing: Holding Hearings On Obamacare
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U.S. drug prices should reflect value to patients -expert panel
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ObamaCare site upgraded ahead of open enrollment
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Back to Supreme Court? Several States Launch New Lawsuit Against Obamacare
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The Coming $8 Trillion-Plus Retiree Giving Boom
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Retirees can stretch their savings with Roth IRAs
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Phew: US stocks return to black after summer swoon
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Easy To Cheat Obamacare, Medicaid? GAO Says No Sweat
By Richard Pollock; The Daily Caller ~ Oct 22, 2015

CMS to test performance-based Medicare Part D program, targets rising drug prices
By Susan Morse; Healthcare Finance ~ Oct 22, 2015

Congress Passes Bill to Increase Home Health Options
By Amy Baxter; Home Health Care News ~ Oct 22, 2015

Poll: Nearly 7 in 10 oppose ObamaCare's Cadillac tax
The Hill ~ Oct 21, 2015

The Bipartisan Push Back Against Obama’s Retirement Attack
By Connor D. Wolf; The Daily Caller ~ Oct 22, 2015

Don't Forget To Take MRDs By Dec. 31
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BT, Alcatel Lucent Deliver 5 Gbps Over Copper in the Lab
By Karl Bode; DSL Reports ~ Oct 22, 2015

House GOP drops part of ObamaCare repeal
By Sarah Ferris; The Hill ~ Oct 21, 2015

Conservatives Should Support Obamacare Repeal Reconciliation Bill
From Ryan Ellis; Forbes ~ Oct 21, 2015

Health Law’s ‘Cadillac Tax’ Draws Conflicting Views From White House, Presidential Hopefuls And Economists
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The Expensive Medical Cost of Congressional Gridlock for Older Americans
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Medicare Advantage: Room for Improvement
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Labor, pension managers square off over benefits
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7 Ways To Spend Smarter
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The Future X Network: A Bell Labs Perspective
Bell Labs Book – Oct 20, 2015

Nokia gets France's OK for Alcatel-Lucent offer
By Jens Hansegard; MarketWatch ~ Oct 21, 2015

Nokia (NOK) Is Reaping BIG Rewards From Its ALU Merger
By Brian Nichols; InvestorPlace ~ Oct 21, 2015

[Proximus Press Release] Proximus and Alcatel-Lucent join forces and expand their strategic innovation partnership
Alcatel-Lucent Press Office

Alcatel-Lucent and nbn™ carry out successful trial of technology in Australia to extend capacity of ultra-broadband access
Alcatel-Lucent Press Office

Despite new mammogram guidance, screenings will still be covered for women over 40
By Elizabeth O'Brien; MarketWatch ~ Oct 20, 2015

ObamaCare repeal effort hits snag on far right
By Sarah Ferris ; The Hill ~ Oct 20, 2015

How Social Security Unfairly Calculates the Cost of Living for Retirees
By David Blanchett; The Wall Street Journal ~ Oct 20, 2015

Is your pension safe? These are the next funds to fail
By Katie Lobosco; CNN ~ Oct 20, 2015

Alcatel-Lucent debuts new "ultra broadband" technologies
By Ryan Daws; TelecomsTech ~ Oct 20, 2015

Potential delay on some upgrades to gov't insurance site
By Ricardo Alonso-Zaldivar; The Associated Press ~ Oct 19, 2015

Senator Blocks Obama Nominees Over Obamacare CO-OP Meltdown
By Richard Pollock; The Daily Caller ~ Oct 19, 2015

Judge refuses to let House ObamaCare suit move to another court
By Peter Sullivan; The Hill ~ Oct 19, 2015

Bernie Sanders' 'Medicare For All' Would Be A Disaster For All
From Sally Pipes; Forbes ~ Oct 19, 2015

A health law fine on the uninsured will more than double
By Ricardo Alonso-Zaldivar; The Associated Press ~ Oct 19, 2015

Nursing Homes’ Residents Face Health Risks From Antibiotics’ Misuse
By Lisa Gillespie; Kaiser Health News ~ Oct 19, 2015

The Social Security survivor benefit do-over
Widows and widowers can repay benefits and collect higher amounts later

By Mary Beth Franklin; InvestmentNews ~ Oct 19, 2015

China gives conditional approval to Nokia takeover of Alcatel-Lucent
By Paul Cars ten, Michael Martina & Beijing Newsroom; Reuters ~ Oct 19, 2015

[CRC press release] New CRC Press Book Provides a Bell Labs Perspective into the Future of Communications
Alcatel-Lucent Press Office

[Nokia press release] Nokia receives clearance from China's Ministry of Commerce for proposed acquisition of Alcatel-Lucent
Alcatel-Lucent Press Office

Hopes dim for deal to avert Medicare premium spikes
By Sarah Ferris; The Hill ~ Oct 18, 2015

Painkiller crackdown sparks industry blowback
By Lydia Wheeler ; The Hill ~ Oct 18, 2015

The Future Of Aging Care: Today's 10 Biggest Innovations Driving Change
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ObamaCare co-ops at risk of failing after billions in loans
By Peter Sullivan; The Hill ~ Oct 17, 2015

Where Should You Live As You Age: At Home Or In A Senior Community?
From Howard Gleckman; Forbes ~ Oct 17, 2015

Obama Administration Expects Small Health Law Enrollment Growth In Upcoming Open Season
From KHN Morning Briefing; Kaiser Health News ~ Oct 16, 2015

Two more ObamaCare nonprofits to close
By Peter Sullivan; The Hill ~ Oct 16, 2015

CO-OP FLOP: The Biggest Obamacare Disaster You’ve Never Heard About
By Mark Tapscott; The Daily Caller ~ Oct 16, 2015

Retirees’ Futures Hinge on Candidates’ Plans for Social Security
By Tara Siegel Bernard; The New York Times ~ Oct 16, 2015

Advisers tell clients: Think of retirement as '35 years of unemployment'
By Liz Skinner; InvestmentNews ~ Oct 16, 2015

Internet at 10G launched in Chattanooga with Alcatel-Lucent
By Steven Newman; LidTime ~ Oct 16, 2015

GM global sales down 1.3% in first 9 months of 2015
By Melissa Burden; The Detroit News ~ Oct 15, 2015

U.S. government sees 10 million people with Obamacare insurance by end '16
By Caroline Humer; Reuters ~ Oct 15, 2015

Millions could see their Medicare costs soar
By Major Garrett; CBS News ~ Oct 15, 2015

HHS: Remaining Uninsured Worry About Costs Of Coverage
By Mary Agnes Carey; Kaiser Health News ~ Oct 15, 2015

Is Obama's health overhaul losing steam?
By Ricardo Alonso-Zaldivar; The Associated Press ~ Oct 15, 2015

Congress should support fund that prevents disease and saves lives
By LaMar Hasbrouck, MD, MPH; The Hill ~ Oct 15, 2015

Sixth ObamaCare startup insurer falls
By Sarah Ferris -; The Hill ~ Oct 14, 2015

Despite Health Reform, 32.3 Million Are Uninsured
By Elizabeth MacDonald; Fox Business ~ Oct 14, 2015

How good (or bad) is your employer's health plan?
By Beth Pinsker; Reuters ~ Oct 14, 2015

Your Ticket To A Fatter Retirement
From William Baldwin; Forbes ~ Oct 14, 2015

Makeover Coming for
By Robert Pear; The New York Times ~ Oct 12, 2015

As U.S. insurers aim to get bigger, hospitals eye health plan entry
By Susan Kelly; Reuters ~ Oct 13, 2015

End of an era: Mutual fund companies no longer a market bright spot
By David Randall & Chuck Mikolajczak; Reuters ~ Oct 13, 2015

8 Things Not to Do in Retirement
By Roger Wohlner ; GOBankingRates ~ Oct 13, 2015

Nokia's Suri: Wireless integration will require 'heavy lifting' in Alcatel-Lucent deal
By Phil Goldstein; Fierce Wireless ~ Oct 13, 2015

Affordability Key Factor For Newly Insured Who Drop Their Health Law Coverage
From KHN Morning Briefing; Kaiser Health News ~ Oct 12, 2015

New Data Shows Large Insurer Losses On Obamacare Plans
From Brian Blase; Forbes ~ Oct 12, 2015

What's The Best Way To Structure Your Pension Or Annuity?
From Northwestern MutualVoice Team; Forbes ~ Oct 12, 2015

What's The Best Way To Structure Your Pension Or Annuity?
From Northwestern MutualVoice Team; Forbes ~ Oct 12, 2015

Is There a Less Painful Way to Fix Social Security?
By Eric Pianin; The Fiscal Times ~ Oct 12, 2015

NCR, Alcatel-Lucent partner on managed services
By Sue Marek; Fierce Telecom ~ Oct 12, 2015

Alcatel-Lucent & BT Begin Largest G.Fast Trial in England
By; NASDAQ ~ Oct 12, 2015

Did Obamacare Whiff on This Important Milestone?
By Sean Williams,TMF; Fox Business ~ Oct 11, 2015

As Obamacare And Value-Based Models Take Hold, Social Services Need A Boost
From Bruce Japsen; Forbes ~ Oct 11, 2015

Drugs Could Soon Come With a Money-Back Guarantee
By John Tozzi; Bloomberg ~ Oct 11, 2015

Lower gas prices means no Social Security increase next year
By Stephen Ohlemacher; The Associated Press ~ Oct 11, 2015

Medical Prices Higher In Areas Where Large Doctor Groups Dominate, Study Finds
By Michelle Andrews; Kaiser Health News ~ Oct 09, 2015

400,000 Citizens To Lose Health Insurance -- Again -- Because of ObamaCare Co-Op Failures
By Grace-Marie Turner; Forbes ~ Oct 10, 2015

7 Tips For Protecting Your Investments Online
From Rob Berger; Forbes ~ Oct 10, 2015

Boehner: Obama Has Signed 10 House Bills ‘Dismantling’ Parts Of Obamacare
By Kerry Picket; The Daily Caller ~ Oct 09, 2015

56 Changes To ObamaCare: Two New Additions
From Grace-Marie Turner; Forbes ~ Oct 09, 2015

ObamaCare website will honor Do Not Track requests
By David McCabe; The Hill ~ Oct 09, 2015

Kentucky nonprofit health insurer to shut down
By Peter Sullivan; The Hill ~ Oct 09, 2015

Untangling the Medicare Premium Mess -- And What It Means For You
From Howard Gleckman; Forbes ~ Oct 09, 2015

How the controversy over drug prices could take down Obama’s massive trade deal
By Carolyn Y. Johnson; The Washington Post ~ Oct 09, 2015

Senate confirms Reeder to head PBGC
By Nick Thornton; BenefitsPro ~ Oct 09, 2015

Reopening the Bank of Mom and Dad, to Help Adult Children
By Constance Gustke; The New York Times ~ Oct 09, 2015

Retirement Investors, Riding Out the Panic
By John F. Wasikoct; The New York Times ~ Oct 09, 2015

Pensions Timebomb Keeps Ticking in Year of Funding Challenges
By Neil King Jr.; The Wall Street Journal ~ Oct 09, 2015

Is ObamaCare Good For The Middle Class?
From John C. Goodman; Forbes ~ Oct 08, 2015

Medicare Part B premiums to rise 52% for 7 million enrollees
By Robert Powell; USA TODAY ~ Oct 08, 2015

For Obamacare Shoppers, Only 2 Insurers to Pick From and a Blue Cross Shift
By Warren Vieth; Oklahoma Watch ~ Oct 08, 2015

Here's Why Obamacare Could Be the Key to the 2016 Election
By Beth Braverman; The Fiscal Times ~ Oct 08, 2015

Obama signs bill preventing healthcare cost increase
By Amy R. Connolly; United Press International ~ Oct 08, 2015

Why do people drop long-term care insurance?
By Alicia H. Munnell; MarketWatch ~ Oct 08, 2015

Alcatel-Lucent’s LTE technology drives European Aviation Network launched by Deutsche Telekom and Inmarsat
Alcatel-Lucent Press Office

Where a cholesterol test can cost you $14 or $1,070
By Tami Luhby ; CNN ~ Oct 07, 2015

Don't waste your savings on a boring retirement
By Walter Updegrave; CNN ~ Oct 07, 2015

Protect America’s seniors, not illegal aliens
By Dan Weber; The Hill ~ Oct 07, 2015

AlcaLu Execs Lose Out as Nokia Unveils New Top Team
By Iain Morris; Light Reading ~ Oct 07, 2015

Nokia Finalises New Structure Post Alcatel-Lucent Merger
TeleAnalysis – Oct 6, 2015

[Nokia Press Release] Nokia announces planned leadership and organizational structure for combined Nokia and Alcatel-Lucent
Alcatel-Lucent Press Office

Feds push forward with controversial health rule
By Sarah Ferris ; The Hill ~ Oct 06, 2015

2,000% Drug Price Surge Is a Side Effect of FDA Safety Program
By Robert Langreth & Cynthia Koons; Bloomberg ~ Oct 06, 2015

The Tax-Smart Way to Use Health Savings Accounts
By George Papadopoulos; The Wall Street Journal ~ Oct 06, 2015

Large pension fund files plan to cut retiree benefits under new law
By Michael A. Fletcher; The Washington Post ~ Oct 06, 2015

7 Tax Tricks For Homeowners
By Ashlea Ebeling; Forbes ~ Oct 06, 2015

The front line in the fight against fraud of elders
By Richard Cordray & Frank Keating; The Hill ~ Oct 06, 2015

Historic Pacific trade deal faces skeptics in U.S. Congress
By Krista Hughes and Kevin Krolicki, Reuters – Oct 5, 2015

Study finds potential problem in more heart valve implants
By Marilynn Marchione; The Associated Press ~ Oct 05, 2015

Complex patients more likely to switch from Medicare Advantage
By Andrew M. Seaman; Reuters ~ Oct 05, 2015

Is Repealing ‘Cadillac Tax’ A Terrible Idea? Many Health Care Economists Think So
From KHN Morning Briefing; Kaiser Health News ~ Oct 05, 2015

Challenges for Medicare at 50
By Alice M. Rivlin & Paul Ginsburg; Brookings ~ Oct 05, 2015

Why Logos Are So Important To Fighting Fraud In Retirement
From Robert Laura; Forbes ~ Oct 05, 2015

Alcatel-Lucent Drops Plans to Sell Submarine-Cable Division
By Stefan Nicola; Bloomberg ~ Oct 06, 2015

Patients Brace For Erroneous Bills In Shift To New ICD-10 Medical Codes
From Bruce Japsen; Forbes ~ Oct 01, 2015

Obamacare Has Given Doctors A 3% Pay Raise
From Bruce Japsen; Forbes ~ Oct 04, 2015

Obamacare: Not So Affordable After All?
From Sean Williams; The Motley Fool ~ Oct 04, 2015

Rift Over Drug Protections Complicates Trans-Pacific Partnership Trade Talks
By William Mauldin, Wall Street Journal – Oct 1, 2015

How to draw down your retirement savings
By Kelley Holland, CNBC; USA TODAY ~ Oct 03, 2015

How can a retiree protect retirement savings against inflation?
By Richard Barrington; MoneyRates ~ Oct 02, 2015

Prudential Insurance to take over J.C. Penney pension
By Sruthi Ramakrishnan; Reuters ~ Oct 02, 2015

Again? Health care debate expands for 2016
By Ricardo Alonso-Zaldivar; The Associated Press ~ Oct 02, 2015

When Is It Time To Sell An Investment?
From Mitch Tuchman; Forbes ~ Oct 02, 2015

Senate sends ObamaCare tweak to president's desk
By Peter Sullivan; The Hill ~ Oct 01, 2015

Obamacare not spurring more early retirements yet despite predictions
By Mark Miller; Reuters ~ Oct 01, 2015

ObamaCare program paying insurers far less than requested
By Peter Sullivan; The Hill ~ Oct 01, 2015

AARP Starts $40 Million Venture Fund for Technology for Seniors
By John Lauerman; Bloomberg ~ Oct 01, 2015

GAO Chief: Entitlement Errors Cost Taxpayers $124.7 Billion Last Year
By Kathryn Watson; The Daily Caller ~ Oct 01, 2015