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The Fall 2016 LRO Connection newsletter is now available for viewing and can be accessed by clicking here.

In this issue, we share with retirees a copy of a recent letter sent by the LRO to the CEO of Nokia to introduce the LRO and to discuss our concern with the funding of the Group Life Insurance (GLI) Trust. We also have articles on the Pension Plan, Healthcare, and Legislative Affairs. The History Corner article reports on the 50th Anniversary Celebration of the Naperville, Illinois Indian Hill Bell Laboratories and the many contributions of that esteemed location.

We hope you find the newsletter informative, and we thank you for your support of the LRO.

AT&T History in NY TIMES Piece

AT&T’s History of Invention and Breakups
AT&T, once known informally as Ma Bell, is a storied American brand that goes back under a succession of names to the late 19th century, after Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone.




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In our recently published LRO Connection Newsletter and on our website ( we shared with you a copy of a letter the LRO recently sent to Mr. Rajeev Suri, President and CEO of Nokia Technologies. The intent of the letter was to introduce the LRO and its charter to Nokia leadership, but also to share certain benefit issues of concern, primary among those the funding of the Group Life Insurance (GLI) Trust. While we continue to have an open relationship with Mr. John Hickey, Vice President of Benefits for Nokia in America, your board felt it important that we highlight these concerns to the highest levels of Nokia.

As we expected, Mr. Hickey in his role as American benefit spokesman responded on behalf of the company. Mr Hickey reinforced that while pension benefits are protected by law and cannot be changed unilaterally, “other” benefits such as retiree medical and life insurance are not mandated by law. Mr. Hickey goes on to say that, although there are no current plans to reduce or eliminate these benefits, the company’s philosophy has been to “balance the needs of the retirees with the company’s ability to pay.” These benefits are evaluated on an annual basis.

On the specific issue of the GLI Trust, no commitment is made beyond the current funding which has sufficient assets to pay this benefit until around 2022. Mr. Hickey acknowledges that the company is well aware of the loss of the Death Benefit for retirees in 2003, and that will be weighed in any future decision regarding this benefit.

The LRO understands the need for Nokia to be successful in their competitive world market place, but we also understand the past commitments and the financial planning that was done by retirees on the basis of those commitments. The LRO will continue to monitor pension and benefit issues affecting retirees and interact with Nokia as appropriate. Click here to see the full text of Mr. Hickey’s letter.

Happy Holidays to everyone !!!

Nokia Cancellation of Pre-Medicare Health Insurance

We feel the pain of those pre-Medicare eligible retirees who have lost health care coverage through the recent actions of Nokia, and many of you have shared your frustration with the LRO.

Despite what we believe to be an open relationship with John Hickey, the Nokia Vice President of Benefits, we did not receive advance notice of this decision and only became aware when we began receiving emails from our membership. As president of the LRO, I immediately contacted John and arranged for a conference call for October 17 to discuss this and other issues.

I expressed our disappointment at not getting a ‘Heads up’ on the insurance issue and relayed to John some of the feedback we had received from retirees on this sudden announcement. He understood our frustration, and that of affected retirees, and offered the following as the rationale for this Nokia decision:

The pre-Medicare retiree base is a rapidly declining segment of the retiree population going from approximately 3200 retirees in 2014 to an estimated 600-800 in 2016. The average monthly cost for company provided insurance for this segment in 2016 was $2300/mo.
With anticipated further declining numbers for 2017, projected cost increases of 30% would bring the monthly charge to something in the range of $3000/mo. Nokia believed that, with these declining numbers and this projected cost, retirees could find better options at the health care exchanges. Thus the decision to eliminate this coverage. Non Medicare eligible retirees and dependents are eligible to re-enroll with Nokia when they are Medicare eligible.

Mr. Hickey went on to comment that Nokia expects 80,000 retirees and eligible dependents to enroll in the Nokia Medicare Plan for 2017, and while he would not share the cost information, he expects a minimal increase. He also would not commit further at this time on coverage for 2018. This will be evaluated next year.

While we understand the issue of the declining population and cost issue, we further understand that this doesn’t make it less painful for those who now must explore other options. We have even had some retirees question the legal basis of this cancellation and suggest we consider legal action.

The LRO has reached out to an attorney for comment on this, and the bottom line is that healthcare coverage is considered a Welfare Benefit provided at the discretion of the company. We were advised that, even if there were some mitigating circumstances that would justify legal action, the likely damages would be minimal given the small difference between the exchange offerings and the company offerings, and by the time the legal process unfolded, most of this declining base would already be Medicare eligible. Bottom line - no solid basis for expecting any legal action to change outcome of Nokia’s position.

The LRO will continue to monitor and keep and open dialogue with Nokia on pension, health care and other benefit issues like Group Life Insurance, and we will do our best to keep all of our retirees informed.


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US taxpayers’ bill for ObamaCare premium hikes: $10 billion extra in 2017
By Ed Morrissey; Hot Air ~ Dec 15, 2016

U.S. states sue Mylan, Teva, others for fixing drug prices
By Diane Bartz & Sarah N. Lynch; Reuters ~ Dec 15, 2016

CMS Adds 2 Compare Websites to Boost Healthcare Transparency
By Jacqueline Belliveau; RevCycleIntlligence ~ Dec 15, 2016

Republicans could keep parts of Obamacare for up to four years
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ObamaCare expansion explosion demands action
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Health Insurers List Demands if Affordable Care Act Is Killed
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Many smartphone health apps don't flag danger, says review
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Ryan: 'We Will Decide Later' How And When To Tackle Medicare Privatization
By Allegra Kirkland, TMP livewire - Dec 5, 2016

Sen. Collins Signals GOP Wall On Obamacare and Medicare Is Cracking
By Lauren Fox, TMP Livewire - Dec 5, 2016

U.S. court puts Obamacare case on hold until Trump takes office
By Lawrence Hurley; Reuters ~ Dec 05, 2016

House Republicans Warn Not to Expect ACA Repeal on Day One
By Mary Ellen McIntire; Morning Consult ~ Dec 02, 2016

Insurers’ Flawed Directories Leave Patients Scrambling For In-Network Doctors
By Jay Hancock; Kaiser Health News ~ Dec 05, 2016

How To Improve Your Credit Score Quickly
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Healthcare Lobbies Fight To Keep 20M Obamacare Customers
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Why I'm Hoping The Trump Administration Doesn't Kill The DOL Fiduciary Rule
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A Great Read for Americans Who Want to Know What the Heck is Going in With Drug Prices!
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Key House chairman: GOP will change Medicare, to 'save' it
By Erica Werner; The Associated Press ~ Dec 02, 2016

Which Americans Are Shut Out of the Affordable Care Act?
By Teresa Mears; US News & World Report ~ Dec 02, 2016

U.S. Sees Historic Jump in Health Care’s Share of the Economy
By Kimberly Leonard ; US News & World Report ~ Dec 02, 2016

What's wrong with the drug pricing climate? Ask a different pharma CEO, get a different answer
By Carly Helfand; FiercePharma ~ Dec 02, 2016

Opinion: What is the deal with prescription drug costs?
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(If you are affiliated with a local Lucent retiree group, let us know we'll post your next event.)

WECO SAGE is a group formed by computer pioneers who worked for Western Electric Company in the 1950s and 1960s installing an Air Defense System for the United States Air Force. The members of this Group have maintained their personal, and in some cases professional, relationships for over 50 years. The Group, whose members once numbered in the hundreds, meet on an annual basis at different locations throughout the country.The 2015 reunion was held in Pacific Grove, California on the Monterey Peninsula on the 13th-15th of September. Contact Ron Trettau.

Club WECO-AT&T-Bell Labs-Lucent Technologies-Teletype-NCR-ALU. This group is intended primarily as a forum to connect (network) and maintain communication between past and/or current members. Video of the December 16 event is here.... Contact Jim Simak.

eX TELETYPE is for ex-Teletype Employees to keep in touch. Teletype Corp. was located in Skokie, IL and Little Rock, AK. The Spring gathering of Teletype and Lucent people and friends was held on Tuesday May 10. Mark your calendars..the November 2016 TTY Riggio's get together will be held on the 3rd Tuesday (November 15th.) due to the National Election. ..Contact John Furno.

lucent5-5 is for Lucent retirees who took the special 5+5 voluntary retirement on July 13, 2001 (or wish they could have!). Its purpose is to keep in touch, to help provide support for working with the Lucent Pension folks, and to talk about Lucent in general. To subscribe, send an email to

PCLUCENTALUM This group was set up to facilitate communication among ex-Lucent employees in Northern California. Send email to